For Marine Cargo Insurance we use the standard Institute Clauses as our base as these are accepted by consignees and banks alike around the world. Where local markets dictate their own version of these clauses these will be considered.


Bespoke wordings are available specifically tailored to the individual risks. Specialist areas of business such as UK Freight Liability, the Transport of Yachts and Transport of Cars are catered for by specific wordings. Additionally, we have developed a market leading policy wording for Cargo Insurance which is suitable for all UK customers across a broad range of industries. A copy of these wordings can be accessed on our downloads area.


Where required we can provide Lloyd’s Certificate’s of Insurance either in a paper or electronic format.

Vectura is the Premier provider of ATA Carnet schemes worldwide. Using our expertise in this area we can assist in establishing and implementing an ATA Carnet Scheme in a country as a viable alternative to the utilization of bank guarantees and letters of credit.


An additional area of expertise is in the area of custom bonds required for the transportation of goods e.g Temporary Import Bonds.