Letter of Reserve / Notice to Carriers

Please complete this letter on your company letterhead and submit a copy to Vectura and / or the appointed Surveyor



Name and Address of Carrier

Re:                Formal Notice of Claim

                     Name of Vessel/Air Carrier/Conveyance

                     Bill of Lading/Air Waybill Number

                     From  --/--/--  To  --/--/--  .

Dear Sirs,

This is a notice of claim for loss and/or damage sustained by the referenced shipment. The following exceptions were noted following delivery:

We hereby hold you responsible for the loss sustained and hereby declare that we reserve the right to file a claim with you when the full extent of the claim are ascertained.

Please return a signed copy of this notice to us acknowledging its receipt and advise us within the 14 days if you require to inspect the damaged cargo.

Thank you for your cooperation.