Claims Documentation


To enable any claim to be dealt with promptly, the following documentation is to be forwarded to Sart

(or Appointed Surveyor, if applicable).

  • Original Insurance Certificate (if applicable) or Copy of Cover Note
  • Original Bill of Lading and/or CMR note and/or Air WayBill and/or Consignment Note and/or other contracts of carriage (noting Terms of Sale).
  • Copy Sales Invoice(s) including the applicable Terms of Sale
  • Copy Freight Invoice.
  • Packing List(s) together with shipping specification (if applicable).
  • Tally Sheets and/or Load and Stow Count, to evidence goods loaded.
  • Indication as to the Gross Weight of the damaged/missing consignment.
  • Written claim against Carrier (and other interested parties) holding them responsible and copies of all correspondence exchanged.  (See Letter of Reserve).
  • Copy Delivery Receipt - claused noting loss/damage.
  • Survey Report, if applicable.
  • Quantified claim noting split between value of goods and duty if applicable.
  • Photographs, if available.